Listen Up!

The Hope of Hearing

Originated by Gil Hanke in 1992, The Hope of Hearing organization gathers audiologists and speech/ language pathologists and travels to Haiti to test the hearing of local children. .

This wonderful organization has roots within North Houston Hearing Solutions. Our very own Dr. Angela Poe is a member, and has attended two mission trips with the group.


Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide

For the most part your hearing aids are reliable , but like any device they can malfunction. Our handy troubleshooting guide may help you take care of common problems with your hearing aids before you make a trip to see us. For professional assistance or advanced repairs, visit our office in Spring, Texas and get your devices back in working order.

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Driving with Hearing Loss

While driving down the road the other day I heard an ambulance approaching my vehicle. Naturally, I pulled over to let it pass, but what happened up the road was something I won’t forget.

While waiting for traffic to resume, I noticed a car ahead of me hadn’t stopped. As the ambulance was trying to pass on the left, the driver veered into the right hand lane, and sideswiped a car. To try to avoid hitting other cars, the driver jerked the wheel to the left and crashed into the ambulance.