By combining Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound, YouMatic and Free Focus technology, Oticon has created the new BrainHearing feature found on Alta, Nera and Ria hearing aids. This new platform was designed to support the brain’s natural process of decoding sound.  

The new additions utilize a sleek design with a wireless remote control that allows users to adjust the volume of the hearing aid and switch between programs. Learn more about the Oticon device family below.

The Alta automatically adjusts incoming sounds to optimize clarity and work harmoniously with your brain to help you hear in any situation. 

The Agil is designed to interact naturally with the way your brain works, and take the hard work out of following a multiple-person conversation.

The Oticon Acto automatically adapts to your listening environment so you don’t need to worry about the transition to cell phones, televisions, and MP3 players.

Containing a variety of features to produce extra volume, yet retain crisp, clear sound, the Ino uses automatic directionality, which allows you to focus on the speech in front of you.

The Nera creates an integrated hearing solution to blend the processing abilities of your brain and ears by communicating in real time.

Ria’s combination of custom style options and outstanding sound quality provides everything needed to create a superior listening experience without sacrificing comfort, and flexibility. 

Designed exclusively for profound hearing loss, the Oticon Chili is a sophisticated and discreet device with features like quick control for instant muting, and program selection.

Located in Spring, Texas, our office is currently serving patients in the North Houston area. We provide a wide range of hearing aid options from the industry’s leading manufacturers. To see which Oticon device is right for you, schedule your appointment today.