At North Houston Hearing Solutions, located in Spring, Texas and serving patients in the North Houston area, we provide a wide range of hearing aid options from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

In addition to the Lyric device, we offer a wide range of Phonak hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss, uniquely designed to improve communication in every situation.

  • The Milo and Milo Plus are affordable, entry-level hearing aids are available in three models. They can accommodate all degrees of hearing loss.
  • The Q Series
    • Audéo Q – This model of hearing aid offers optimum performance and is available in three discreet models.
    • Bolero Q – This hearing aid is available in a range of styles, including a model that is water and dust resistant. They are ideal for active lifestyles.
    • Naída Q – These hearing aids were created for those with severe hearing loss to improve hearing in even the most difficult listening environments, available in a range of styles and colors and are dust and water resistant.
    • Sky Q – Designed for children, this durable hearing aid is available in four different models and is suitable for all levels and severity of hearing loss.

The newest generation of Phonak devices is expertly designed to offer the most advanced sound quality in discreet designs with life-changing power. Some of the benefits of these hearing aids include:

  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology works to detect speech signals to ensure you’re able to hear clearly in both ears, resulting in increased understanding in challenging listening environments.
  • Speech in Wind eliminates wind noise that can interfere with comfort and understanding that can occur while trying to hold a conversation in windy weather.
  • DuoPhone improves telephone communication by automatically streaming the caller’s voice to both ears.
  • ZoomControl allows you to hear better in situations when you cannot face the speaker, such as in the car, by selecting direction in which to zoom.

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