Shooter Hearing Protection

Most gunfire registers around 160 decibels. That is loud enough to cause immediate, permanent damage to your hearing. At North Houston Hearing Solutions, we want to help you protect your hearing while using firearms. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a blind or at an indoor range, we offer the best hearing protection for hunters and sportsmen in Houston, Texas.

When looking for the best hearing protection while hunting or shooting, it’s important to know you have two options: 

Unlike traditional hearing protection, digital hearing protection actually enhances low-level sounds instead of blocking them. A small microphone in each device picks up the external sounds, which are fed to a small speaker within the device. This allows you to hold conversations, detect game, and hear your surroundings. When sounds in excess of 80-90 dB are recognized, an electronic circuit cuts off the speakers, resulting in instant protection.

Passive hearing protection is commonly used for hunting environments where a low number of shots are fired. This type of hearing protection utilizes small acoustic filters and a low NRR. This permits hearing awareness of game and tracking dog sounds, as well as easier communication with others.

Both types have been designed for hunters and shooters who want amplification, as well as hearing protection. They are available in custom-fit in-the-ear models to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

At North Houston Hearing Solutions, we offer custom hearing protection products to help preserve your hearing. If you suspect you’ve already sustained hearing loss, Contact us today to schedule an evaluation.


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