Picture Perfect Customer Service

My husband has been seen by Dr. Lacy Robinson, several times. I would like to let you know how impressed we are with her understanding of her craft and customer service. I have 20+ years in Corporate Training and Customer Service training was part of my job. I know good customer service when I see it, and I usually don't see it. Every visit we have had with Lacy has been a perfect picture of how to interact with a customer. I have never been so impressed. Lacy's understanding, demeanor and empathy are the best I have ever encountered. It is not only a pleasure to deal with Lacy, but it is also a privilege. She cares so deeply about the people she serves and she truly wants only that which is best for them. Thank you, Lacy.

My First Week with Hearing Aids

I picked up my new hearing aids yesterday at 2 p.m. The audiologist, Angela Poe, who holds a doctorate in her craft, fitted me and adjusted the aids to solve my specific hearing issues. She also showed me how to insert and remove the batteries, and how to place the devices properly into my ear. I walked out and heard, for the first time in many years, a strange sound. Ha! It was the clinking together of the car keys on my chain. Strange, new, and seemingly very sharp sounds emanated from the keys that I carry with me!

The next shock came after I turned on the van's radio. Whatever song was being played, I had heard many times before. What I had not previously been able to discern, however, was the exact words the singer was singing.

In the past, a good song was just a good tune. No specific words were heard. Wow, that was a revelation. These new devices may be worth the money, after all.


No Pushy Sales, Just an Audiologist Who Truly Cares

On July 10, 2012 I visited North Houston Hearing Solutions, where Angela Poe conducted a standard test of my hearing impairment. This was a test similar to, though much more thorough, than those performed for me over the past forty years. 

Angela was able, using her computer, to show me the audio augmentation available to me of the numerous devices she could supply. The effects were staggering! At no point during the entire 90 minutes did she ever imply I should purchase a new hearing aid, from her or anyone else, even though I was wearing a competing brand I had been wearing for less than two years.

It was finally necessary for me to instruct her to identify the hearing aid I should be wearing. She did, and loaned them to me to see if I was comfortable with them. Nine days later I proved how comfortable they were.