Tinnitus Management

Do you experience a buzzing, humming or ringing sound in your ears? You’re not alone. This condition is called tinnitus and it affects approximately 50 million Americans, some so severely that it compromises their quality of life.

Tinnitus is often caused by damaged inner ear cells, as a result of extremely loud noises. Other causes of tinnitus include ototoxic medications, excessive ear wax, neurological disorders, and the natural aging process.

In the past there were no tinnitus treatment options available. But fortunately, that is no longer the case. Although there is no cure for tinnitus, there are now severely ways to manage its symptoms.

At North Houston Hearing Solutions, we offer tinnitus evaluation and treatment to patients in north Houston and the surrounding communities.

In an effort to determine the cause of your tinnitus, we begin with an assessment of your hearing. Oftentimes, finding and eliminating the cause of tinnitus will eradicate the condition. Other times, we’ll use a combination of management techniques to make living with tinnitus easier.

Some tinnitus treatment options include:

  • Because hearing loss often accompanies tinnitus, using hearing aids may assist in enhancing hearing the sounds you want to hear, and covering up (or masking) the ringing, buzzing or humming sounds.
  • The use of tinnitus maskers, which are small electronic devices that resemble hearing aids but generate sounds to mask the tinnitus sensation.
    • When you’re trying to sleep, using a fan, radio or white noise machine may help to mask the sounds.
  • Because of the anxiety, tension and depression often associated with tinnitus, counseling may help in coping with the negative effects of tinnitus.

In conjunction with these tinnitus treatment options we also recommend relaxation techniques. Stress increases tinnitus symptoms which in turn increases stress, becoming an ugly and life-altering cycle. Participating in activities you enjoy, and listening to sounds you enjoy, whether it is music, ocean waves or nature sounds can take the focus off your symptoms.

We also recommend making certain life changes. Because exposure to loud sounds, smoking and the consumption of alcohol can all exacerbate your symptoms, eliminating or reducing these activities may be helpful in reducing the effect tinnitus has physical and emotional health.

At North Houston Hearing Solutions, we can provide you with the relief you need through tinnitus evaluation and treatment to improve your quality of life. We’re located in Spring, Texas and provide comprehensive hearing health care to residents in the north Houston area.