Helping North Houston Towards Better Hearing Health

Why Regular Hearing screenings matter

The biggest reason that most people leave their hearing loss until it’s too late is that they don’t know what they’re not hearing.

It’s why having a regular hearing screening is so important.

If it’s been over 12 months since your last screening, or if you have noticed that you’re having to turn your television volume up louder than usual, then we strongly encourage you to pay us a visit and book your hearing screening.

At North Houston Hearing Solutions, we’ve been the leading hearing care solution for thousands of patients, establishing a reputation as one of Houston’s leading hearing care practices.

As soon as you visit us, the first thing that you’ll notice is the welcoming atmosphere – you don’t feel like you’re entering a medical environment. Instead, you’ll feel instantly at ease with our friendly team and comfortable surroundings.

Why north Houston hearing solutions?


You’ll instantly feel the warmth of our atmosphere and team when you walk through the door.

We’ve built a highly-specialized team of some of the state’s leading audiologists, but simply having an audiology diploma isn’t the only important trait to us – we only hire audiologists that are great people and truly care. 

It’s why we become great friends with our patients and become their hearing care partners for life.


Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, and that’s exactly what we give you during a hearing test.

Checking to see everything is as it should be, our highly trained audiologists are the best people to advise a course of treatment should you need it.


If we find that hearing devices are required, then you’re in great hands.

We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers to provide you with the perfect hearing devices for your budget, lifestyle, and degree of hearing loss.

With a range of styles and leading technology, we’ll be able to work with you to find you devices that you love.

Unsure about hearing loss? Download your informative guide:

“What You Need to Know About the Three Different Types of Hearing Loss”

Written by Leading Audiologist, Dr. Lacey Brooks, AU.D.,CCC-A, FAAA

Understanding hearing loss

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