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Welcome to North Houston Hearing Solutions, an advanced hearing practice located near Houston, TX. Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hearing loss. We use diagnostic audiological evaluations to provide you with an answer and solution to your hearing issues.

At North Houston Hearing Solutions, we take hearing health seriously. That’s why our practice, provides top notch hearing healthcare and hearing aid servicing

In addition to treating hearing loss, our audiologists are committed to helping you communicate better with the world around you. 

We offer highly advanced devices from the leading hearing aid manufacturers to help you hear and communicate better. In addition, we provide hearing aid fittings, adjustments and repairs. Our audiologist is dedicated to providing the highest standard of hearing care to our patients. ​From our comprehensive hearing evaluations to our vast selection of hearing aid technology, North Houston Hearing Solutions is proud to offer the hearing health solutions that matter to Houston and the surrounding communities.

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Dr. Lacey Brooks

Dr. Lacey Brooks, CCC-A, FAAA Doctor of Audiology | North Houston Hearing

North Houston’s Hearing Solutions Expertise Include:

  • Hearing aid repairs and maintenance
  • Implantable hearing aids (Lyric)​
  • Tinnitus Diagnostics and treatment
  • Real Ear Measurement
  • OAEs
  • Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflexes
  • Hearing Aid Consultations and adjustments
  • Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare
  • Assistive technology
  • Lifestyle and needs assessment
  • Onsite Audiology services for senior living facilities and nursing homes

our founder story

Exceptional Service Then, Exceptional Service Today

When Dr. Angela Poe founded North Houston Hearing Solutions over twenty years ago, high quality patient care was lacking within the industry.

Many audiology clinics were either attached to retail establishments or large medical facilities, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Dr. Poe looked to set a new standard for hearing healthcare in the Houston area.

Her boutique clinic would not only provide exceptional service but also offer trustworthy, independent advice to every patient.

Today, North Houston Hearing Solutions’ superb diagnostic capabilities are matched by its commitment to patient satisfaction.


The modern era

Dr. Lacey Brooks came on board at North Houston Hearing Solutions in 2016.

With experience of running audiology clinics throughout the state, she’s advanced its standards even further.

Initially, Dr. Brooks set out to become a neurologist, studying biology and chemistry.

Later, she became interested in how the brain processes and interprets different sounds – and brought her expertise, instead, to audiology.

Dr. Brooks went on to lead a dedicated tinnitus therapy program, and worked with cochlear implants, electrophysiology, auditory processing disorders, intraoperative monitoring, and vestibular testing and treatment.

These fields neatly tied her past to her present: “We actually hear with our brains, not our ears,” she explains. “So this was in complete alignment with my original passion.”

New developments

Dr. Brooks brought her extensive experience in audiology to North Houston Hearing Solutions, evolving the way patients are examined.

Today, the specialized providers use state-of-the-art diagnosis equipment to measure how each patient’s brain processes speech in different environments.

This goes well beyond standard “hear the beep” test protocols.

Each audiologist has outstanding knowledge of modern medical practices and every year, they undergo many hours of continued education.

Combined, this means they work with greater precision than most professionals, and their patients benefit from truly life-changing treatments.

North Houston Hearing Solutions is also leading the way in tele-audiology, so it can now offer treatment via virtual appointments.

A personal service

Besides the ultra-modern equipment, personal counselling and communication remains at the heart of this process.

The providers at North Houston Hearing Solutions have a key phrase: precious sounds matter.

This might be the soft voice of a grandchild or a conversation with a loved one over dinner.

The team works with each person to understand their specific condition, focussing on how it’s impacting their life experiences.

Following a diagnosis, specialists at North Houston Hearing Solutions embark on long-term partnerships with patients.

This means they manage their rehabilitation and overall hearing health care through regular follow-up sessions every year.


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 An independent approach

North Houston Hearing Solutions work with all major manufacturers and insurers. Through this, patients gain access to a vast array of treatment options.

If someone isn’t achieving the right level of vital outcomes from a hearing instrument, the providers have the flexibility to change devices and treatment plans to improve their results.

North Houston Hearing Solutions also prides itself on offering hearing healthcare plans irrespective of a patient’s lifestyle or budget.

Every person will receive the highest level of specialized care regardless of their level of investment – a promise North Houston Hearing Solutions stands behind.

Audiologists are not salespeople but hearing healthcare professionals, and they are compensated accordingly.

This means they can create unique treatment plans, customized for each patient, and offer honest advice about the best solution for each person.

A warm welcome

This commitment to patient care extends to all aspects of North Houston Hearing Solutions’ work.

Audiology clinics and retail hearing chains can be daunting places to visit, but staff at the Spring location take patients’ satisfaction extremely seriously.

When someone comes for an appointment, they’ll be warmly greeted by a smiling member of team, who can help them with any concerns.

In the clinic’s elegant waiting room, you’ll have plenty of time to complete your paperwork, with coffee and cookies available as you relax in comfort.

Staff work hard to ensure North Houston Hearing Solutions is a pleasant place for everyone to visit and love that patients feel at home in the clinic. 

Patient experience is of the upmost importance to everyone on the team, whether they’re prescribing treatment plans or helping with a general query.

Community focussed

This desire to help others extends out into the community.

North Houston Hearing Solutions regularly runs campaigns and funding drives for local people and important causes.

This includes the “Hear for the Holidays” event, where locals nominate underprivileged folks who need hearing aids.

In 2019, the clinic provided four people with this transformative treatment for free.

North Houston Hearing Solutions also supports local food banks, women’s groups, The Salvation Army, and offers hearing screenings in under-served areas.

The clinic is embedded in the community, and all staff want to provide those in need with as much help as possible.

Meet our Doctors of Audiology and supporting team.

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"My son began using North Houston Hearing Solutions about 15 years ago when they were in their previous location. Angela Poe was amazing! When she left the practice, I was concerned he might not get the same quality of service, but we have found that Lacey is just as amazing! They are always responsive, helpful and compassionate. We highly recommend them!"
Rhonda Becvar

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"These folks give great service! I've taken my mother in law several times over the last year with broken stems & to have her aids cleaned & they are always very gracious & helpful. Today they also checked her ears & found a chunk of wax & debris which they removed..no wonder she was having trouble hearing. Thank you so much!"
Hank Pearce

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Both my aging parents recently ordered hearing aids at North Houston Hearing Solutions. Dr. Lacy Robinson has been absolutely wonderful throughout the process! We have had to ask many questions, adjust the audio levels, return one that my mom did not want - through multiple visits she has been patient, helpful and caring. I would highly recommend her for anyone needing help with their hearing!"
Darryl S.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I can not recommend them enough. They made what can be such a pain, a pleasant experience and i am SO grateful for my new hearing aids and being able to hear SOOOO much better.

Thanks Lacey & NHHS !!!"


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Working with Lacy at NHHS has been awesome!! She is friendly, knowledgeable, and very caring. Trust me I have worked with several hearing aid fitters over the years and some are like used car salesman and are just trying to "make the sale" and really aren't concerned with your needs or desires they just want to sell you what they think you need. Lacy was NOT AT ALL like that. She talked, listened, made recommendations and at the end of the day i got what turned out to be exactly what I wanted and needed. Lacy was just great in making it all happen without being pushy in the least bit."
Max G.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was referred to Houston North Hearing Solutions by a friend and was not disappointed. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They were up front and worked with my insurance to get me the most benefit possible. Going in I knew I had high frequency hearing loss but had never made any attempt to correct it. The cost always scared me away, and since I could hear (I thought I could), I didn't think it was worth it. Boy Was I Wrong!! It has really opened up a new world for me! One where I can now hear where sounds are coming from... I can hear my granddaughter and she doesn't have to repeat herself... I am hearing music in ways I never imagined possible! Thank you Dr. Lacy and North Houston Hearing Solutions you have made this a pleasant transition to a new world of normalized hearing!"
Chris Matthews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Very professional and efficient until my situation was completely cured. Would recommend her very highly"
Lou F.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Great, friendly staff and expert doctors"
John Lohmann

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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