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Hearing aid technology has advanced a lot in recent years.

As technology continues to evolve and improve, occasionally frustrating technical glitches occur.

A patient recently told me that he upgraded his phone to a new iPhone 12, and ever since then, his Made for iPhone hearing aids sound distorted. He was initially concerned that his hearing aids were the source of the problem. I told him that this had become a recurring issue with the new iPhone 12, and Apple is aware of the problem.

I want to share the same information with you regarding the Bluetooth connectivity and sound distortion issues facing iPhone 12 users who utilize Made for iPhone hearing aids.

iPhone 12 Users are Experiencing These Issues

Recent iPhone models and updates have proved troublesome for some people who wear Made for iPhone hearing aids when they try to use Bluetooth connectivity.

Since iOS 14 and iPhone 12 were released around the same time frame, isolating the issue becomes more complicated.

A conversation on the Apple discussion forum helps direct attention towards the likely culprit being the iPhone 12. IOS 14 users using an iPhone 11 or earlier have not reported sound distortion with their paired iPhones and hearing aids.

One user writes, “I’m experiencing a lot of static and in general a touchy connection where one or both ears will cut sound.”

Another user says, “connection is not an issue but the right one has a lot of interference on phone calls, enough that I have to remove it when on the phone. “Both users stated they had recently upgraded to the new iPhone 12, and they reportedly use different brands of hearing aids.

Suppose your hearing aid Bluetooth connectivity and the sound quality worked well with a different phone model, and you began experiencing problems when you upgraded to an iPhone 12.

In that case, your hearing aid is probably not the source of the issue. Loss of connectivity, static, poor connection, inconsistent volume, and distorted sounds are common issues hearing aid wearers face with the new iPhone 12.


Apple is Working on a Solution

This is not the first time Apple has released a product that has caused Bluetooth connectivity issues for hearing aid wearers; the iOS 13 update caused various problems.

When smartphones are updated or upgraded, I typically experience an increased volume of patients concerned that their hearing aids may not be working correctly.

Apple released IOS 14.2 update to address the issue; however, at least one user on the Apple discussion forum reports the problem persisted.

Although manufacturers and developers should ideally resolve hearing aid connectivity issues before releasing a new product or update, it is not unusual to discover bugs and glitches after the initial release.

Apple has advised iPhone 12 users to upgrade to the latest IOS 14.2.1 update to resolve the problem.

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Kylie Thomas, B.S.

Kylie has a bachelor of science in business marketing from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri. She has worked in the hearing aid industry since 2013. Kylie has been a hearing instrument specialist at North Houston Hearing Solutions since 2014. She has a great deal of experience with hearing health care, assistive devices including hearing aids, cerumen management, and Lyric.