Giving Back Is a Big Part of Who We Are

A Message from Dr. Lacey Brooks

Should hearing healthcare only be made available to the privileged few?

The team and I at North Houston Hearing Solutions respond to that question with a resounding no.

Because we believe in making better hearing available to as many people as possible, whether they can afford it or not, we are committed to giving back to those in need.

We demonstrate our commitment through a combination of mission trips, where we visit parts of the world that otherwise have no access to hearing healthcare, and local programs that allow us to help individuals in our community struggling to make ends meet.

Because giving back is a big part of who we are, it continues to be an important part of what we do. When you partner with North Houston Hearing Solutions for your hearing care, you also provide support for future mission trips and our work in our community.

Thank you to everybody who has supported us in the past and, in turn, helped others who are less fortunate.

– Dr. Lacey Brooks

Dr. Lacey Brooks fitting a hearing aid during a giving back trip

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