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If you feel a little bit unsteady on your feet whenever you move around the house or out in public, you could have a problem with your ears.

Injuries from balance-related falls are common among individuals with hearing problems, but you can reduce your risk of losing your balance and falling by getting the help you need from an audiologist near Towne Lake, TX.

Thousands of patients have helped establish the reputation of North Houston Hearing Solutions as one of Houston’s most trusted team of hearing care specialists. We demonstrate our patient centered approach to meeting your hearing care needs by providing you with a welcoming atmosphere designed to put you at ease right away.

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Better Hearing Begins With Regular Hearing Tests

There are a variety of reasons that individuals with a hearing loss wait between seven and ten years before they seek the help they need, and one of them is that they simply don’t know they aren’t hearing well. North Houston Hearing Solutions has a team of audiologists dedicated to helping you or your loved one discover the truth about your hearing.

Because hearing tests are the only way to measure the type and severity of your hearing loss, if it has been over twelve months since your last hearing assessment, or if you’ve noticed that you’re having to turn your television volume up louder than usual, we urge you to schedule a hearing test in our Spring, TX clinic.

World Class Hearing Aid Technology

Damage or deterioration in the middle ear, a common cause of hearing loss, has a significant impact on your capacity to maintain your balance. A study conducted at the Washington University at St. Louis indicated that individuals with a hearing loss performed much better during balance tests using their hearing aids than they did without them.

Our audiologists have a variety of treatment options available, but when hearing aids provide the best solution to meeting your hearing challenges, knowing that we partner with the world’s leading manufacturers for access to the most advanced hearing aids near Towne Lake adds to your confidence. Your hearing needs, budget, and lifestyle are all taken into consideration as our hearing aid specialists guide you through the process of selecting your device.

Meeting All Hearing Care Needs For Towne Lake

Going the extra mile to meet your hearing care needs is a part of our patient centered commitment that includes ongoing follow-up care.

Hundreds of people in and around the North Houston area have taken advantage of the more than 30 years of combined experience of our hearing aid specialists who work with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers and hearing aid models. Our troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair services for top name devices from ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, Starkey, and Widex are available to our patients and non-patients alike.

Making an in-office appointment in our Spring, TX clinic can be a challenge due to health concerns, travel, and/or scheduling issues, but we overcome those challenges by giving you virtual access to our audiologists through tele-audiology. Regardless of the reason you need to take advantage of our tele-audiology consultations, this is our way of ensuring that you get the help you need from the comfort of your Towne Lake home.


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