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We’re here to help you make life sound better. That’s exactly what Texas Professional Hearing Center has been able to accomplish in Baytown, TX and nearby communities for more than 20 years.

Our family-owned and operated audiology center is staffed with fully licensed and insured professionals to help ensure that you or your loved one receives the best personalized care by experts who are able to meet your unique hearing needs with comprehensive hearing assessments and hearing aid evaluations.

In addition to advanced hearing diagnostics and modern, digital hearing aid technology, we provide ongoing support and personalized hearing care through services like earwax removal, hearing aid repair and maintenance, and tinnitus management. Our pediatric audiological care also ranks among the best in the region, providing parents with greater peace of mind and children with a headstart on better hearing and normal development.

Regardless of your type or severity of hearing loss, your budget, or your lifestyle, we are eager to meet your needs with a personalized hearing care plan that meets your hearing care needs and suits your lifestyle. Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed professionals today!


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Hearing Care in Texas


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Highly Skilled Hearing Specialists & Friendly Team

You’ll instantly feel the warmth of our atmosphere and team when you walk through the door. We’ve built a highly-specialized team of some of the leading Houston audiologists, but simply having an audiology diploma isn’t the only important trait to us – we only hire audiologists in Houston that are great people and truly care.

It’s why we become great friends with our patients and become their hearing specialist partners for life.

comprehensive hearing assessments


There’s no shortage of places to have your hearing tested in today’s world. There are countless online hearing tests, or you can even have your hearing tested at your local big box store.

But in the same way that you wouldn’t allow the internet or a retail employee to diagnose a medical condition, you want to ensure that your hearing is being tested correctly, accurately, and comprehensively.

Through our advanced testing process, we look beyond IF you have a hearing loss and instead, we explore what may be causing your hearing challenges and all the options available.

tinnitus treatment


Tinnitus is one of the most common challenges faced, when it comes to hearing care. It can affect concentration, foucs on tasks, and can be a significant barrier to a peaceful night's sleep. Over time, these can lead to frustration with daily life, anxiety, and even depression if not treated effectively.

Not all tinnitus symptoms have the same root cause, meaning treatment is highly personalized in order to bring you the maximum benefits possible.

If you’re facing the daily challenges that tinnitus brings, schedule your appointment today, to speak to one of our experts.

older gentleman having his ears cleaned by an audiologist

earwax removal


If you or a loved one has been struggling with a blocked or clogged sensation in your ear(s) lately, it could be because you have earwax that’s built up.

Earwax (or cerumen) is actually a very natural substance that works to protect your ears from unwelcome debris. However, there is a downside to earwax, and that is usually when it builds up and over-accumulates.

Through the latest technology, we’re able to help you to professionally clean your ears and remove earwax in a quick and pain-free way.

balance testing


Once uncertainties over balance becomes a daily problem, it makes even basic acts much more difficult, and adds uncertainty to everything you do.

Issues with balance can be caused by a variety of factors. A range of problems with your ears can be a major contributor to the potentially dangerous symptoms you might experience. Medication and other, often undiagnosed, things can also cause temporary or permanent damage to your inner ear, which controls your balance ability.

Treatment can involve a comprehensive assessment, coupled with practical tests, to narrow dow the root of the problem. Our team are perfectly placed to diagnose what may be causing your balance issues, and will offer safe and effective treatments to get you back in control.

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