Lyric Extended Wear Hearing Aids

Lyric is the world’s first extended wear hearing aid every developed. Created by Phonak, Lyric hearing aids use a combination of digital nanotechnology and specialized materials technology to create a hearing aid well-suited for highly active people. This device, unlike traditional hearing aids, is placed deep in the ear canal by a qualified audiologist or ENT doctor, which makes it 100% invisible.

There is no changing of batteries or charging, cleaning; or maintenance with this device; and even better, its innovative placement allows the wearer to enjoy better hearing without anyone even knowing that you have a hearing device. The fourth-generation models include a media module which helps improve wearing comfort even further.

Clear, natural sound that outperforms other open-fit hearing devices, wearing Lyric means that you can continue with all your daily activities like exercising, using headphones, showering, and sleeping at night without the removal of your hearing device.

Not only benefiting those with hearing loss, Lyric also reduces discomfort associated with tinnitus better than daily wear hearing aids. Also, with your Lyric subscription you receive SoundLync, which is a magnetic adjustment tool that allows you to adjust the volume, turn the device on and off, put it in sleep mode, and even remove the device if necessary.

Phonak Lyric™

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does sizing, placing, and programming lyric take?

Initial sizing, placing, and programming of the Lyric, combined with counseling, takes approximately one hour. Device replacement visits take approximately 10 minutes.

2. Does the Lyric help with tinnitus?

Since you are meant to wear the Lyric 24/7, the device helps with tinnitus much more than other hearing aids…

According to Lyrics’ website: “Its unique ability to provide 24/7 consistent amplification has been proven to relieve tinnitus faster and improve sleep quality by a greater degree than when compared to a daily wear hearing aids.”.

3. Can I swim with Lyric?

Lyric is water-resistant, not waterproof. Therefore, underwater swimming and diving are not recommended. However, Lyric can be worn in the shower or during water activities where your head is not fully submerged underwater.

4. Can I use headsets, insert earphones, and earplugis with Lyric?

Headsets, earphones, and earplugs can be used if they do not touch the Lyric hearing aid. The good news is that the majority of devices don’t reach this far in your ear, so you can wear most off-the-shelf hearing aids/earphones.

5. Can I use my phone with Lyric?

Yes. Another benefit of Lyric is that it can be worn while talking on any phone.

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Lyric Extended Wear hearing aids are one of the tools our team of professional audiologists at North Houston Hearing Solutions have at our disposal to address your hearing care needs, but you will always be the primary focus of all our personalized care.

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