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Starkey hearing aids have served five US presidents, two popes, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and several other notable world leaders.

After purchasing Starkey Labs, an earmold company in 1970, William Austin became the new kid on the block in terms of hearing aid manufacturers.

Beginning his association with hearing aids as a hearing aid repairman, Austin rapidly became a world-renowned hearing instrument manufacturer. Internal issues with management did some damage to the Starkey brand, but the company overcame the struggles to emerge as a leader in the use of artificial intelligence in their hearing aids in 2017.

Starkey’s motto is “Hear better. Live better.” The company’s simple approach to hearing care is the force driving the innovations included in Starkey hearing aids.

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Recent Innovations Mark Starkey As A Hearing Solutions Provider

Starkey’s 2014 release of Halo was the benchmark of the company’s commitment to iPhone connectivity while also representing a major leap in the direction of naturally clear sound processing advancements.

The most recent innovation, Livio AI, was a major breakthrough in supporting overall wellness for hearing aid wearers. The device has the capacity to track physical activity and cognitive health as well as providing for language translation, fall detection and alerts, tap control, and other cutting-edge AI features.

Livio Edge AI is another step toward enhancing the experience of Starkey hearing aid wearers. Building on their already successful Livio AI technology, Edge Mode instantaneously conducts an AI-based analysis of the acoustic environment and makes immediate adjustments, which was recognized as a major solution to the speech intelligibility challenges created by face masks.

Thrive is Starkey’s answer to SmartPhone connectivity, allowing users to integrate all of their digital devices with their hearing aids to produce enhanced sound quality and clarity along with health monitoring and more control over how and what you hear.

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 Starkey’s Thrive Care Remote Support

Starkey’s Thrive Care Remote Support

Tele-audiology, in place of in-office consultations, is the response to safety and convenience challenges facing most audiological practices as the world moves into the third decade of the 21st century.

Thrive Care, provided by Starkey, facilitates a virtual solution to ongoing counseling and support from hearing care providers, taking things a step further by allowing other healthcare providers access to health monitoring information gathered by the patient’s hearing device.

People First Hearing Care At North Houston Hearing Solutions

Addressing your unique hearing care needs with personalized treatment and cutting-edge technology is the primary focus of North Houston Hearing Solutions. Combining the most advanced diagnostic technology and best practices in audiology, our team of audiologists focuses on developing a treatment plan designed to suit your unique hearing needs and personal lifestyle.

Our hearing device specialists guide our patients through the process of choosing a hearing instrument that addresses their hearing needs and takes their personal preferences and lifestyle into account.

We fit and program your hearing device to provide the best possible hearing experience while following up with tech support and troubleshooting, certified Starkey hearing aid repairs and maintenance, and tele-audiology consultations to meet your safety and convenience needs.

People First Hearing Care At North Houston Hearing Solutions