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More than 65 years ago, Widex was founded in Denmark and began its journey to becoming one of the most popular brands of hearing aids in the world.

The merger with Sivantos in March of 2019 moved Widex up the list of hearing aid manufacturers to the third-largest worldwide.

In addition to the commitment of Widex to develop innovative technology, a major focus of the company’s success is due to the development of long-term partnerships with hearing care providers. Their exacting standards and “passion for sound” fuel their commitment to producing higher-level sound quality and instrument dependability.

Widex wants its hearing aid wearers to live a life that is enjoyed and heard in the most natural way, while your hearing aids employ the most advanced sound engine, AI powered personalization, and seamless integration technology to make it possible.

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Advanced Hearing Technology Solutions From Widex

In addition to hearing aid connectivity options for iPhone and Android using DEX Technology, which is the gold standard for modern digital audio solutions, Widex added machine learning to their latest hearing instruments. Their Fluid Sound Analyzer has made it possible for users to personalize and optimize their sound settings to meet the challenges of any listening environment.

In the world of music streaming through your hearing aids, Widex hearing aids are the recognized leader when it comes to reproducing natural music sound, making them the preferred choice of musicians. Widex Moment technology syncs the arrival of direct sound and processed sound for a crisper, more natural sound.

Fractal tone, or Zen Therapy, technology makes a major contribution to providing relief to those struggling with tinnitus. Their passion for sound commitment is applied to the Widex Zen app, which offers comforting sounds that help reduce your focus on tinnitus so you can relax.

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Remote Assistance With Widex TeamViewer

Remote Assistance With Widex TeamViewer

As audiologists shift toward safer, more convenient hearing care consultations by using tele-audiology in place of in-office appointments, hearing aid manufacturers have had to keep up.

Widex is among the leaders when it comes to supporting virtual hearing care through the development of its TeamViewer Remote Assistance support program.

TeamViewer facilitates remote hearing aid programming adjustments as well as tech support and troubleshooting via the connectivity features of your hearing device, allowing you to continue to reap the benefits of pure sound quality no matter where you are.

Patient Focused Hearing Care At North Houston Hearing Solutions

You are the focus of the personalized treatment and cutting-edge technology we provide to address your unique hearing care needs at North Houston Hearing Solutions. Applying the best practices in audiology along with the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, our team of audiologists works toward creating a plan of treatment focused on meeting your specific hearing needs as well as your lifestyle.

We put a lot of effort into guiding you through the process of choosing a hearing instrument that addresses your unique hearing needs while accounting for your personal preferences and style of living. Our attention doesn’t stop once we fit and program your hearing device, but we continue to provide follow-up care to ensure that you enjoy the best possible hearing experience with tech support and troubleshooting, certified Widex hearing aid repairs and maintenance, and tele-audiology consultations for safety and convenience needs.

Patient Focused Hearing Care At North Houston Hearing Solutions