Norma A. Aguilera 

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Norma is from San Antonio, but she was raised in Laredo, TX.

Each day, Norma’s primary goal is to help people hear better. She regularly tests patients to determine their type of hearing loss, fits patients with hearing aids, provides advice and support on how to use their new devices to their full capacity, and checks hearing aids to ensure they are always in good working order.

Norma is delighted to be a part of the North Houston Hearing team and likes how everyone genuinely cares about their patients – making them their number one priority.

Norma has witnessed many success stories during her career, but her favorite moment was when she helped a young man from Columbia who had a hearing loss from a young age. After being fit with hearing aids, Norma suggested that his wife say something to him. When his wife said, “Hi, I love you,” the man started to cry, as he had never heard her voice so clearly before. Needless to say, the whole office ended up in tears as well!

When Norma isn’t working, she loves spending time outdoors with her husband. Camping, hiking, and visiting different caverns are just a few of the outdoor activities they enjoy together.

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