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Our Top Hearing Aid Accessories To Help Improve Your Life

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

When you were told you had hearing loss and hearing aids were the solution, what were you expecting? A specially designed medical device built to restore some of your hearing? A chance to experience sounds a bit more clearly so you can better function in the world? That’s all true of hearing aids but there is so much more they can do to enhance your life. Today it’s all about accessorizing.

At North Houston Hearing Solutions L.L.C. we provide our patients with modern digital hearing aids from a range of leading manufacturers, including ReSound.

Let’s take a closer look at how some of the amazing accessories from ReSound can take your hearing aids from a necessity to a lifestyle accessory you’ll love to use.


Clear as day from far away

The ReSound Multi Mic is a small, inconspicuous microphone that you place onto a flat surface, say a table, and then sit back and let it do the work. It will detect the sounds of everyone around the table, whether it’s a conference table during your weekly office meeting or a dinner table at your family Sunday lunch. You won’t need to strain to hear what’s being said as the multi mic switches to a mode that is designed to pick up multiple voices. With a clear line of sight your Multi Mic will work at distance of up to 80 feet.

But it isn’t just great for following the conversation of a bunch of people around the table, it’s also ideal for those one-to-ones. Just ask the person you’re chatting to clip it onto their clothing and you’ll be able to take in every word they say even with background noise or chatter.


Phone power

Does taking calls on your cell still leave you feeling anxious about missing words or losing the thread of the conversation? Does your cell have Bluetooth? Then the ReSound Phone Clip+ is just what you need. Clip it onto your clothing and stream calls, music, podcasts or other audio straight from your cell direct to your hearing aids.


A world of entertainment

Make your home entertainment system hearing aid-friendly with the ReSound TV Streamer 2. Stream crystal clear sound from your TV into your hearing aids and enjoy binge-watching your favorite show or relaxing in front of a movie after work. It’s designed to work from up to 23 feet away with a clear line of sight so it won’t matter where you’re sitting in the living room.


Remote control

Forget about fiddling with tiny hearing aid buttons to change the volume or program settings. With the ReSound Remote Control 2, easy-to-use buttons make adjusting your hearing aids a breeze. Stash your remote control in your purse or pocket and whip it out whenever you enter a new sound environment, from the car to the office, from home to the shopping mall, wherever you need to be.

Accessorizing your hearing aids can make work easier to navigate, home more relaxing and life that much more enjoyable. To find out more about the range of accessories available with ReSound or any of the other leading brand hearing aids we provide, get in touch with our helpful hearing healthcare specialists at North Houston Hearing Solutions L.L.C.; all you need to do is click here.

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Dr. Lacey Brooks, CCC-A, FAAA - Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Lacey Brooks received a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry in 2003, and earned her Doctorate of Audiology in 2009. She completed her clinical internships and residency at various facilities within Houston Medical Center. Dr. Brooks is a preferred provider for the American Institute of Balance (ABI), a professional member of the American Tinnitus Association (ATA), a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), a member of the Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA) and is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She is also the vice president of the Louisiana State University Houston Chapter Alumni Association. In addition to her years of experience identifying, diagnosing and treating all types and degrees of hearing loss, and vestibular disorders, Dr. Brooks has spent the last 13 years becoming an expert in Tinnitus management and therapy. Dr. Brooks is also one of the few providers in the country certified for Lyric Implantable Devices. For over seven years, Dr. Brooks successfully ran and operated more than six audiology clinics for one of the largest practices in the state of Texas before joining the North Houston Hearing Solutions team in 2016. Dr. Brooks prides herself on providing her patients with the highest quality of care. She loves her patients dearly and feels so fortunate that she gets to help improve their daily lives. This love, combined with her impressive skill set, business experience and passion for helping people hear has made Dr. Lacey Brooks a wonderful addition to the North Houston Hearing Solutions’ team. When not at the office, Dr. Brooks enjoys spending time with her daughter, husband, family, and friends. Dr. Brooks is also very involved in her church and with mission work in her community and abroad.

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