The Best Local Businesses Our Patients Answered

The Best Local Businesses: Our Patients Answered

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Local News, Patient Resources

We are so thankful to work and live in a community that is filled with people who love to help and support others, and we are constantly looking for ways to show our appreciation and help others find out about the amazing people and businesses around us!

Small and local businesses have been put through the wringer in the last few years, from a lack of staff to shutdowns and from the health concerns shared by many to the economic concerns that are far from being alleviated. Since 2020, being a small business owner has not been easy!

As a local business ourselves, we have taken it upon ourselves to show deserving businesses the appreciation and respect they have earned. That is where you all came in.

We sent out an email asking for input on businesses in our community that you, our trusted patients, think deserve recognition. These businesses didn’t have to be only in the Spring area but could be located anywhere in the Greater Houston area as a whole.

Two businesses came back as being “much loved” by our trusted patients, and we are eager to share them with you now!

Fawcett Center for Dentistry


Every single one of us goes to the dentist twice a year (or at least that is what we are supposed to be doing!), so finding a trusted dentist nearby is pivotal. The first business that was raved about by our patients is Fawcett Center for Dentistry.

As their tagline says, “It’s more than a dental office, it’s like being welcomed into a family.” This could not be a more accurate statement and is one of the reasons our patients recommend this office so highly!

Fawcett Center for Dentistry focuses on cosmetic dental care which is a completely different approach to dentistry. Their office is well suited to this new and improved approach, and instead of being a cold, medical facility, their office is comfortable and relaxing, and it certainly puts patients at ease. Gone are the days of fearing or dreading heading to the dentist’s chair. Instead, as their website notes, you may feel like you have visited a spa after your visit!

They have a mission to provide dentistry that changes people’s lives, and their goal is to always exceed their clients’ expectations. Located on Cutten Rd. in Houston, this dental office came so highly recommended that anyone seeking a new dental experience must check out what they have to offer you.

Visit their website to get a full virtual tour of the office, an overview of the services they offer, and an in-depth overview of the staff you can expect to meet.

We know you won’t leave Fawcett Center for Dentistry disappointed or with dirty teeth!

Discount Tire


The second business highlighted by our trusted patients is Discount Tire, located on FM 1960 Rd.

We all know how important a smoothly working car is, and one part of maintaining a car is keeping up on the tires that get you from point A to point B. Discount Tire is a local franchise that truly exists to help each and every customer, and car, get the tires they can afford and that will keep them safe on the road.

As the name suggests, Discount Tire exists to get customers a great deal on tires. They offer exclusive savings on all major brands of tires, including Michelin, Nitto, Toyo, and Goodyear tire brands among others.

When you visit their website and check out their promotions page, you will be quite pleased to find tons of coupons, exclusive savings, and rebates on all sorts of different tire options! Saving money is on the forefront of most people’s minds right now, so this is a huge incentive and reason why our patients love this business.

Beyond purchasing tires, Discount Tire also offers tire rotation and balance, inspections, flat repairs, TPMS service, fleet services, and wiper blade services. Truly, this is a one stop shopping experience for all of your tire-related needs. Oh, and don’t forget to stop in for a complimentary air pressure check and inspection!

With three state-of-the-art service bays, they try to make any wait times bearable, but they also offer Wi-Fi for when you are waiting.

If you are in the market for tires, you absolutely must check out Discount Tire. Check out their website for all current promotions; there is a reason our patients love this store, and we know that you will find out why when you visit there yourself!

Loving Local Businesses

We are so thankful for all of the people who responded to our email request for local businesses worth supporting, and we are eager to continue sharing other great businesses too!

Local business is what makes our community tick, and we are so blessed to be a part of such a loving and supportive community.

Do you know of any businesses that deserve some recognition? Send us an email so that we can spotlight them next time!

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