Why Do Patients Choose North Houston Hearing Solutions?

“Dr. Lacey Brooks runs a welcoming, efficient, confidence-enhancing audiology office here in Houston. Dr. Brooks is a true professional who is experienced, very competent, and confident at her profession. I have been a patient for many years, and have always been satisfied. Her staff is well-trained and creates a warm, pleasant environment from the time you walk through the door. Their fees are reasonable and they like what they do. A 5 of 5 if you use satisfaction scales.”

Jack B. Zimmermann

Criminal Defense Attorney


 “I returned to this professional office for help with hearing aids. Arriving early for appointment I was treated with respect and courtesy. Even being unable to see me early for my appointment, I was checked on in waiting room, and apologized that unable to take early that day. I had received a Birthday card, redeemed it, and got supplies for hearing aid care. I recommend.”

Ellen H.


“First of all I have had poor hearing since I was a child and that was many years ago. Having high anxiety and bad hearing is a living hell. The noticeable hearing aids of my childhood would have just killed me even if we could have afforded them. 

Finally about 15 years ago I found an angel named dr Angela Poe. She fitted me with behind the ear hearing aids and I babied them for 11 years. I don’t think I ever returned in 11 years. When I did return the practice had moved to spring cypress and my initial call was taken by crystal. I have found her to be amazing at keeping me on schedule for quarterly cleanings which I attend religiously. I didn’t get the latest set of hearing aids from dr Poe but from Dr Lacy Robinson who works here with dr Poe. Dr Lacy is also an angel and has given me a new lease on life with these latest hearing aids. I can adjust the from my phone and listen to music on them. This is especially helpful when the wife is barking orders at me. I just nod every so often. 

If you have bad hearing don’t live with it. If you have old hearing aids go see the new ones. The difference is unbelievable and if you get you hearing aids from any other place than north Houston hearing solutions then you are just crazy.”

Chris W.

When Was Your Last Hearing Test?