Advanced 3D Ear Scanning Can Transform Your Listening Experience

Who wants to put something in their ears that causes discomfort or irritation?

Today’s “dome-style” earpieces for hearing aids and earplugs are superior to those used in years gone by and provide a better fit, but one-size-fits-all solutions are not always the best choice for every user.

Fortunately, there is another option available: custom-formed hearing molds or earpieces. In the past, creating custom-fitting earpieces, whether for hearing aids or earplugs, always required taking silicone ear impressions.

3D ear-scanning technology eliminates the discomfort of taking a silicone ear impression while providing a more accurate impression from which to manufacture a custom earpiece.

You could be wondering, “Is there someone who uses 3D ear scanning near me?”

You’re in luck!

North Houston Hearing Solutions uses 3D ear-scanning technology to ensure that our patients have access to the most comfortable custom-molded earmolds and earpieces possible.

How Does 3D Ear Scanning Work?

Traditional ear impressions involve placing a small plug of foam or cotton against the patient’s eardrum, and then using a small syringe to fill the ear canal with silicone paste.

When the paste hardens, it forms a flexible impression of your ear. From that mold, manufacturers are able to build a custom earpiece. In addition to being messy and uncomfortable, the process is time-consuming, as the physical mold must be inspected to ensure it is accurate, and then it is shipped to the earpiece manufacturer.

On the other hand, 3D ear-scanning technology uses a laser ring scanner to precisely measure the inner contours of your ear and then produce a highly accurate 3D rendering of the space. The 3D rendering is transmitted electronically to the earpiece manufacturer to build a more precise earpiece that provides a more secure and more comfortable fit.

The process for getting custom earmolds for your hearing aids is more streamlined in our clinic because, rather than shipping a physical mold, the manufacturer builds your custom earmolds from the 3D rendered image uploaded from your ear scan.

Four of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Loss

Q. Is 3D ear scanning suitable for all ear shapes and sizes?

A. Yes. All ear shapes and sizes can be scanned using this technology. However, to date, it is only approved for use with individuals 18 years and older.

Q. What are the benefits of personalized ear impressions?

A. Personalized earpieces, whether for earbuds, hearing protection, or hearing aids, provide a more comfortable fit and an improved acoustical seal.

Q. Can 3D ear scanning be used for hearing aid fittings?

A. Yes. Custom earmolds or earpieces for hearing aids is the primary reason we invested in 3D ear scanning technology.

Q. Can I use the scanned data for multiple custom earpiece designs?

A. Yes. That is one of the great benefits of 3D ear scanning. The renderings it produces can be used over and over again.

The Otoscan Laser Ear Scanner

Otometrics supplies advanced technology products and software for hearing aid fitting, hearing assessments, screenings of many types, balance testing equipment, and sound room finishing.

Otometrics is also the maker of the Otoscan Laser Ear Scanner, which gained FDA approval for use with individuals 18 years of age or older. The Otoscan process has received positive patient feedback:

  • 92 percent of patients reported excellent/good comfort
  • 94 percent of patients reported that scanning has a "wow" factor
  • 74 percent of patients reported that it is better than the silicone impression procedure

Otometric’s Otoscan is absolutely safe, using lasers similar to an LED pointer used when giving presentations or the type of laser used at the grocery store to scan barcodes.

Otoscan modeling is recognized and used for the manufacture of custom earmolds for ReSound hearing aids, Westone (hearing protection products for hunting, shooting and musicians plugs), Emtech Labs, Microsonic, and Dreve, who provide custom earmolds for various hearing aid manufacturers.

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Regardless of the in-the-ear or behind-the-ear device you wear, custom earmolds greatly improve your listening experience by providing a more secure fit and greater wearing comfort so that wearing your hearing aids is no longer an inconvenience.

Thanks to precision ear-scanning technology, North Houston Hearing Solutions has been able to streamline the process of making custom earmolds so that more users can take advantage of the better hearing aid experience of custom earmolds and earpieces.

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