3D Ear Scanning At North Houston Hearing

The Faster, Less Invasive, And Much More Accurate Way To Create Custom Molds For Hearing Aids

As your ears are totally unique to you, so too are your hearing aids. However, in the past, making the custom molds needed for your bespoke hearing aids may have been an uncomfortable experience.

Well, not anymore!

We at North Houston Hearing are delighted to say that this incredibly important part of your hearing aids journey has now been totally transformed to be a much more comfortable experience, as we now offer 3D Ear Scanning as part of our practice.

3D ear scanning system at North Houston Hearing

What Are 3D Ear Scans And Why Are They Better?

3D ear scanning solves many of the problems that traditional ear mold impressions caused. The process of taking a 3D scan is faster, less invasive, much more comfortable, and above all, much more accurate for you and us.

Before 3D scanners, traditional ear mold impressions would involve placing a small plug of foam or cotton in the second bend of the ear canal, and then a small syringe to filled with silicone was dispensed into the ear canal, the silicone hardened into the flexible impression of the patient’s ear providing an exact mold of the shape and size.

Whereas now, a 3D scanner involves a special handheld device that uses a camera and several lasers to take precise measurements inside the ear. The scanner then combines these measurements into a 3D model, which can be sent electronically to a hearing aid manufacturer, in turn creating the most custom fit for the patient. Ta-da!

In short, with our new 3D ear scanner, you can enjoy a much more comfortable sensation, which gives much more accuracy and takes much less time than our former “putty-in-ear” method.

As we continue to expand our services to give you the best possible care and experience, there’s never been a better time to visit North Houston Hearing for your hearing health care.

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