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Partnering With Local Businesses To Help North Houston Hear Better

Not many people are aware that untreated hearing loss negatively impacts the personal income of individuals by up to $12,000 per year. That’s more money than most of us can afford to throw away, including you and your employees.

Early detection of hearing loss is our best weapon in the fight against hearing loss, allowing us to prevent further damage to your hearing while heading off negative mental, physical, and emotional health conditions that threaten your independent lifestyle and quality of life.

Better Hearing in the Workplace Is a Win-Win Proposition that includes:

  • Providing greater clarity and a better understanding of the details discussed in meetings/phone calls.
  • Boosting your employees’ confidence in regard to their performance in the workplace.
  • Helping reduce feelings of fatigue that often accompany hearing challenges, allowing for increased productivity.
  • Being a great addition to the healthcare package you already provide to your employees.
  • We work in partnership with your business to provide benefits for your employees
Hearing healthcare for your office employees

We Perform Routine Hearing Tests For You And Your Employees

Hearing is among the most critical elements of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, which is a great benefit to you, your company, and your employees. We’re so confident that we can have a great impact on the productivity of your business that we’ll come to your business to conduct routine hearing checks, or we’ll block out time for you and your employees to come into our office.

Besides conducting hearing assessments and providing treatment when needed, we can help you develop a better hearing plan for your company, which includes the use of proper hearing protection and procedures that can help prevent hearing damage at your place of business.

To find out more, or to register your company for hearing care screening, contact us today!

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