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Do your ears feel stuffy and achy, but you don’t have a cold?

You may be experiencing built-up or impacted earwax.

Earwax is nature’s way of cleaning your ears, but if it gets impacted or built up it can cause temporary, sudden hearing loss, dizziness, headaches, balance issues, infections, ringing in your ears, or pressure and pain.

When you try to remove earwax by yourself it may make things worse, so your best option is to seek professional help for safe and effective earwax removal and ear cleaning.

Does anyone offer earwax removal near me?

You can get the relief from impacted earwax that you need at North Houston Hearing Solutions in Spring, TX.

Earwax: How Nature Cleans Your Ears

In addition to removing dirt, fungus, bacteria, and other debris from your ear canal, the sticky, wax-like substance we call earwax also lubricates and provides moisture. Actually called cerumen, it is a natural substance produced by glands in your ear canal to help keep them healthy.

Normally, earwax balls up around whatever debris it attracts and traps, and then works its way toward the opening of your ear canal while you talk and chew, where it falls out or can be wiped away.

Since it is an important part of maintaining ear health, there is a delicate balance between having enough earwax and having too much. Earwax extraction by a professional ensures this balance is maintained effectively.

Answering Your Questions About Earwax Removal

Q. Can earwax cause hearing loss?

A. Earwax does not cause permanent hearing loss, but it can lead to temporary obstructive hearing loss until it is removed.

Q. Are there risks associated with DIY ear cleaning methods?

A. Cotton swabs, which are what most people use to remove earwax, tend to pack the earwax tighter or do damage to your ear canal or eardrum. Ear candles are a bad idea all the way around because they really aren’t effective and add wax that doesn’t belong, and you’re apt to burn your ears while using them.

Q. What causes earwax to get built up or impacted?

A. Impacted earwax can be caused by narrow ear canals, a loss of elasticity from aging, living/working in dusty environments, and hearing aid use. But the most common cause is the use of cotton swabs to clean out your own earwax.

Q. How often should I get my ears cleaned professionally?

A. Those who produce excess amounts of earwax and those who wear hearing aids may require more frequent earwax removal. Hearing aids cause earwax issues because they prevent wax from getting all the way out of your ears.

Q. Is earwax removal painful?

A. No. It usually involves flushing your ear out with warm water, which actually feels pretty good, and suction. If we have to use a curette, we don’t need to scrape and dig because it’s easier to see from our vantage point.

Q. What are the signs of excessive earwax?

A. The symptoms of impacted earwax are temporary or sudden hearing loss, a feeling of stuffiness in your ear, dizziness, headaches, balance issues, infections, ringing in your ears, and/or pressure and pain.

Q. How long does a typical earwax removal appointment take?

A. You can figure on about five to 10 minutes for each ear.

Q. Can children undergo professional earwax removal?

A. Sure. Because we flush your ears with water and use suction for removal, the process is entirely safe for children.

If You Must Address Earwax at Home…

We recommend using a softening agent like mineral oil or olive oil and following these steps:

  • Place two to three drops of oil in one ear.
  • Lie sideways for approximately five minutes to allow for the oil to “sit and soak.”
  • Wipe any excess oil from the outside of your ear with a soft cloth.
  • Repeat on your other ear.
  • Continue this treatment daily for three to four days.

The oil will help soften the wax so that it works its way out of your ears naturally and avoids the problem of damaging your ear canal or making things worse.

Our Earwax Removal Process

At North Houston Hearing Solutions, we have Doctors of Audiology who are very efficient in the process of removing earwax, making it a quick and safe ear cleaning process. Here’s what to expect…

1. We’ll have a brief chat about your personal experience of earwax buildup.

This chat is essential for us to know exactly what you’ve been going through so we can determine whether it’s just earwax buildup or perhaps something else—in which case, you’ll be in the perfect place to get help!

2. We’ll examine your ears.

By using a professional video or traditional otoscope, we will take a look inside both of your ears and determine what is causing the blockage.

3. We’ll remove that earwax.

To remove your earwax, we will use a state-of-the-art suction device that will suction out all of the wax from your ears. For tougher-to-reach blockages, we can also use a curette, which is a skinny, scoop-like tool that allows us to carefully remove the wax.

4. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Once all the wax has been removed through earwax extraction, you’ll be able to feel the difference right away. Sounds should be a lot clearer and that heavy, clogged-up feeling should completely disappear.

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Stuffiness, earaches, temporary hearing loss, tinnitus, and muffled sound can all be symptoms of impacted earwax. Most home remedies are apt to make things worse; the best solution for dealing with earwax buildup is to get help from one of the professionals at North Houston Hearing Solutions for professional ear cleaning and earwax extraction.

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