At North Houston Hearing Solutions, we see the positive impact that hearing aids have on people’s lives all the time. They help people connect through communication and shared experience. Hearing support can also help to slow the progress of various mental and physical conditions. Despite this, some people still have trouble getting used to wearing a hearing aid. This is often because they are not using the ideal solution for their circumstances.


Which hearing aid is right for you?

When you visit our beautiful clinic and meet our Audiologist, Dr. Lacey Brooks, she will talk to you about what makes you feel comfortable. This information is considered alongside the details of your physical hearing needs. It should then become clear which hearing aid is right for you.


Types of hearing aids

There are lots of different brands of hearing aids. These often come with added extras and technology that makes them easier to use. Different styles of hearing aids typically fall into categories based on the visibility of the equipment and where it sits in relation to parts of the ear. Each has its benefits and challenges. Dr. Lacey can go through these with you in detail when you visit. For now, some brief details about the main types are below.


Behind the ear

This is the type of hearing aid that most people think of immediately when they picture one. It has a housing which sits behind the top of the ear with a tube that carries the sound into the outer ear. They are easy to use as all the controls are on the housing. They’re also quite comfortable as they do not touch any part of the inner ear. One drawback is that the sound quality is not as good as some of the more expensive types. This is offset by the fact that they do not pick up interference from wind.


In the ear

For a more discreet option, many users choose an in-the-ear type hearing aid. This is usually custom-made and sits within the outer ear. It offers excellent sound quality and is suitable for people with a more severe hearing loss. This style can be skin-colored so that it is difficult for other people to spot. There is a higher risk of feedback with in-the-ear models. They can also tend to break down a little more often than other styles. With the right maintenance support from us, this should not present you with an issue if you choose this style.


Get started

Visiting an Audiologist is the first step towards finding out which hearing aid style is right for you. Hearing assessments are easy and quick. They provide immediate results. Depending on your choice of hearing aid, you could walk out of North Houston Hearing Solutions on the day of your appointment with new equipment. Schedule a hearing test with our audiologist in Houston by calling 281-444-9800, or visit our website to explore your options.